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2023 VFHS 
Educational  Program


Wednesday, September 13th 5:30 PM


Please join us on Wednesday, September 13th at 5:30 pm for a very important online presentation on Insurance - Who Needs it, What You Need to Know, How to Find a Fit

No matter the size of your organization, insurance is a must and can be a barrier to you being as effective as you would like. You can grow and protect your animal welfare efforts at the same time without breaking the bank. We know insurance can be overwhelming! Learn about the types and what may be the best for you - General Liability, Commercial Property, Workers Comp, Business Automobile, Veterinary Professional Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers insurance, Special Events Insurance, Accidental coverage for Volunteers, etc. Learn how to evaluate your risks and minimize claims where possible.

We also ask you all to consider sharing this with your supporters, staff and community members internally and on social media. The more animal welfare advocates understand the law, the more they can assist us in doing our jobs to protect animals in our community. With limited resources and time often making it challenging for animal control officers and shelter staff to adequately address every call and concern about animals in their community, community members can assist animal control officers and shelters in many ways and help animal owners take better care of their animals.

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