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High Five VA, part of SaveVaPets, is a program of the VA Federation of Humane Societies (, dedicated to  decreasing the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in Virginia through the transfer of these animals from under-resourced and rural counties to areas where their chances of adoption are far greater. Moving animals from one location to another can result in a decrease in length of stay, a more diverse selection of animals for adopters and a decrease in euthanasia overall.


High Five VA strives to accomplish its mission by:

- providing a High Five Facebook group and promoting animals needing transfer in this  group

- providing a caseworker exclusively for showcasing and networking participating organizations’ animals to potential receiving organizations


- offering financial assistance to eliminate barriers to the successful transfer of animals including:

  • short term boarding

  • fuel

  • vaccinations/heart worm tests

  • behavior evaluations

  • other 


Request to join the High Five Facebook group here:

Sending and/or Receiving shelters can apply for financial assistance by completing a simple Request for Funds.  



Since 1997 animal releasing agencies in VA have annually reported data to the VA Department of Agriculture. These years of data illustrate the incredible progress VA has made in saving lives and creates the roadmap for saving more lives. Thanks to the PETCO Foundation for creating and maintaining this interactive data tool.

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The happy endings for these animals were made possible by grants from Best Friends Animal Society, the APSCA and The William H. Donner Foundation. The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies 'High Five’ program is proud to be a Best Friends Network partner assisting in the transfer of animals from under-resourced regions of the state to areas where their adoptions chances are far greater. We are deeply grateful to our generous funders for supporting High Five VA which is vital to saving the lives of Virginia’s homeless animals.

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clive (now Scooter) Wise - Culpeper.jpeg
Allie. Scott to HTs 4_20.jpeg
Nutmeg. SAR to SFC adopted 12.20.jpeg

High Five VA is supported by grants from ASPCA, Best Friends

& The William H. Donner Foundation

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