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Spay Virginia is a project of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies.  Our goal is to work with shelters, local governments, rescue groups and private veterinarians to provide pet owners and caregivers in Virginia with access to convenient and affordable spay/neuter services. By spaying or neutering your pet, you may be giving your pet the gift of a healthier and happier life AND you will be preventing unwanted and unplanned litters of puppies and kittens from being added to the hundreds of dogs and cats already in Virginia shelters.

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High Five VIRGINIA is a program dedicated to decreasing the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Virginia.

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At the 2017 Annual Conference, VFHS was proud to launch the new program “SaveVaPets – Crossing the No Kill Finish Line.” The creation of SaveVaPets was the culmination of months of study by the board. As a leadership team we recognized that we and our member organizations were leading the effort to save all the healthy and treatable pets in the state. With an 83% save rate for 2016, it was clear that achieving at least a 90% save rate for the state was entirely within our reach.

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