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Scholarship Fund

VFHS strives to offer full and partial scholarships to the Annual Conference for individuals affiliated with current Active Member organizations.  Information on how to apply can be found by clicking on Scholarship Guidelines and Application .  Please support our Scholarship Fund so that we can provide more scholarships in the future!


If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Fund, please click here.


The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies established a Scholarship Fund in 2005 in honor of Elizabeth Sills, a past President of VFHS. Liz Sills, who co-founded the Virginia Beach SPCA in 1966, first became an officer of VFHS in 1973 and as its President and in other roles continued to be a leader in the Federation through the '90s. During that time, she devoted herself to strengthening both VFHS and Virginia's animal welfare laws. She was commended by the Virginia General Assembly in 1999 for her many achievements and as an expression of "admiration and gratitude for her manifold contributions to the cause of animal welfare."


Today, this Fund is for the purpose of providing scholarships for attendance at the annual VFHS conference. Individuals from Active Member organizations are allowed to apply for funding as it is available, and priority is given to those who have not attended a VFHS conference before. It is the hope of VFHS that this Fund can grow so that VFHS will be able to provide scholarship opportunities not only for the VFHS annual conference but also for other regional and national training sessions that are of value to our Members.

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