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The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies has established several awards to honor those who have made a difference in animal welfare. Recipients of the awards are recognized at the VFHS annual conference and honor the achievements of the prior year.


There is someone out there who deserves to be recognized and we want to give them the recognition they deserve!  The award categories are listed below.  We depend upon you to tell us about the great work your colleagues are doing. 


Please use this Google Form to submit your nomination.  

Please do NOT send hard copies by mail.

Award Nomination Form


The deadline to Cast Your Ballot is December 31, 2024.


CONGRATULATIONS to our 2024 Award Winners! 





The Bravo Award honors Elizabeth Sills who served VFHS as President for over 15 years.  This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to promoting animal welfare, who has been instrumental in making an impact within an animal welfare organization, and who is a reflection of the values of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies.



The Humane Organization of the Year Award pays tribute to an animal welfare organization that has achieved a save rate of 90% or higher.  It  is presented to an animal organization which has made an extraordinary difference for the movement or community by saving, preserving or improving pets and their owners.  This organization is  a shining example of progressive  practices and creative programs that result in a positive community image and is seen as a recognized leader in the field. 


The Field officer of the Year is a true leader who can be seen as a compassionate modern day representative for their profession.  The awardee  works cooperatively with their local shelter team, rescue organizations and the community as a whole.  He or she has made a difference by helping to reunite lost pets with owners, creating safety net type programs to keep more pets in good homes and helping their community as a whole in sustaining the animal/human bond.  The award winner  supports current laws but is also  instrumental in encouraging changes to  local ordinances and state laws when doing so  improves the lives of pets in the community. 



This award is named after long standing VFHS fearless leader, Debra Griggs, who  served on the board for over 10 years,  as president from 2013 to 2019 and brought together many amazing leaders to work towards a time when all shelters in Virginia are saving 90% or more of their animals.  This award goes to a shelter with outstanding lifesaving progress in their path to reaching a 90% save rate based on year over year statistics or to an organization whose  actions and programming have helped a shelter achieve a significant increase in lifesaving. 



The Veterinary Partnership Award recognizes a veterinarian who contributes time and expertise to an agency that provides direct care to animals.  This award is presented to a veterinarian who works tirelessly day in and day out  in a shelter/rescue environment to support lifesaving OR is a veterinarian who donates services and support to a local animal care and control, animal shelter or rescue group.


The Companion Award pays tribute to an animal who exemplifies the value and strength of the human/animal bond.  This award is presented to an animal who has either made an extraordinary difference for a person or community by saving, preserving or improving human life or shown continued devotion to humans despite having suffered significant abuse or trauma.

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